Maggie: My lewe in die kamp

Die aangrypende verhaal van 'n jong meisie in die Anglo-Boereoorlog

Maggie Jooste



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Date Released:

July 2020

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R 335.00


Soft cover, 152pp

About this book:

Maggie is a remarkable first-hand account of a teenage girl’s experiences during the Anglo-Boer War.

Margaretha (Maggie) Jooste was only 13 years old when the Anglo-Boer War broke out and her life was irrevocably changed. After months of house arrest in their Heidelberg (Transvaal) home, she, her mother and younger siblings were sent away to concentration camps in Natal. There they experienced hunger, deprivation and loss, but also surprising acts of kindness from British guards.

This very personal account is a story of hardships, but also one of humanity and friendships over enemy lines. A golden threat is the close bond between the Jooste family and the English-speaking Russells who lived as neighbours and friends before the war broke out. While the British soldiers and Boer commandos fought the war, the Russells secretly provided food to the Joostes to help them survive, and supported them after the war.

A poignant and deeply moving, but also heartbreaking, true story. 



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Readers say

“Diep ontroerende oorlogsmemoires – pragtig geskryf, propvol fassinerende besonderhede en wonderlik leesbaar.”

– Bill Nasson

"Daar is geen bitterheid nie. Geen pro-Boer of anti-Britse propaganda nie. ’n Baie intieme treffend eerlike vertelling..."

– Fransjohan Pretorius