About us

NB Publishers operates under seven main publisher names: Tafelberg, Human & Rousseau, Queillerie, Pharos, Kwela, Best Books and Lux Verbi.

Afrikaans love stories are published under the publisher names Jasmyn, Melodie, Satyn, Hartklop and Mirre.

We are the largest local general publishers in the South African book market, and we are the market leaders in adult fiction, child and youth books, and non-fiction.

We primarily supply books to the general South African trademarkets, as well as language and mathematical texts to schools. We publish in all genres, and primarily in Afrikaans and English. We also publish, to a lesser extent, books in the local African languages.

Our trade list covers everything from popular fiction to literary fiction and non-fiction; from love stories to striking political tell-alls and biographies, from cookbooks, health, garden and humour to books for young adults, as well as picture books, mass-market children books and dictionaries.