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Hier verlaat ek jou

Miriam Telanie




Human & Rousseau

Date Released:

June 2021

Price (incl. VAT):

R 235.00


Soft cover, 240pp

About this book:

Senobia Arendse, recent graduate and newly appointed copy-editor at a local magazine, is ready to welcome the next phase of her life with open arms.

Her new flatmate, flamboyant Palesa Dosini, is accompanied by three dashing young men when she moves into their apartment in Bellville. And it is especially the sexy DJ, Ayanda Ngubane, with his excellent taste and gentle smile, whom Senobia feels drawn to.

Just when she thinks life cannot get any better, her past steps through the front door. Mondeo Hendricks, charming first love with sparkling brown eyes, makes his reappearance as if written in the stars.

Miriam Telanie’s debut tells the story of a small-town girl and the people close to her heart – some loyal, other heartbreakers. Will she be able to make the right choice before it is too late?


Christine le Roux Keur 6

Christine le Roux

Tweede kans op liefde

Elza Rademeyer

Operasie droomvrou

Jade Mc Menamin

Droomkrans se engelman

Moryn Hanzen

Helene de Kock Keur 3

Helene de Kock

Christine le Roux Keur 2

Christine le Roux

Schalkie van Wyk Keur 15

Schalkie van Wyk


Luné Olivier

Omdat jy my liefhet

Elsa Winckler

Ena Murray Keur 17

Ena Murray

Vir die voëls

François Bloemhof, Tina Kruger

Christine le Roux Keur 3

Christine le Roux

In my drome

Malene Breytenbach

Elisabet se oorlog

Helene de Kock

Vlug na Santorini

Malene Breytenbach

Waar liefde begin

Schalkie van Wyk

Ena Murray Keur 18

Ena Murray

Ena Murray Keur 19

Ena Murray

Ultrasatyn 3

Lucille du Toit, Elsa Winckler

Satyn Omnibus 8

Ettie Bierman, Anita du Preez, Lizet Engelbrecht

Sophia se beskermengel

Malene Breytenbach

Legkaart van die liefde

Renda de Waal

Helene de Kock Keur 5

Helene de Kock

Satyn Omnibus 7

Anita du Preez, Lizet Engelbrecht, Ettie Bierman

Helene de Kock Keur 4

Helene de Kock

Hartklop Omnibus 4

Malene Breytenbach, Madeleine Malherbe, Rykie Roux

Fransi en die filmster

Anita du Preez

Louisa du Toit Omnibus 12

Louisa du Toit


Wilna Adriaanse

Helena Hugo Eerste Keur

Helena Hugo

Die eks-noodgeval

Cecilia Steyn

Ena Murray Keur 16

Ena Murray

Melodie Omnibus 3

Malene Breytenbach, Elsa Hamersma, Annelize Morgan

Om met vuur te speel

Lucille du Toit

Helena Hugo Derde Keur

Helena Hugo

Helene de Kock Keur 2

Helene de Kock

Onverwags myne

Susan Pienaar

Helene de Kock Keur 6

Helene de Kock

Op liefde se drumpel

Elza Rademeyer

Christine le Roux Keur 5

Christine le Roux

Ons is nie almal so nie

Jeanne Goosen

Christine le Roux Keur 4

Christine le Roux

Elsa Winckler Eerste Keur

Elsa Winckler

Ter wille van geluk

Naretha Franken

Vir altyd

François Bloemhof, Ivan Botha, Donnalee Roberts

Helena Hugo Tweede Keur

Helena Hugo

Met ander woorde

Wilna Adriaanse

Wilna Adriaanse Omnibus 1

Wilna Adriaanse

Helene de Kock Keur 1

Helene de Kock

Vet feetjies vlieg nie

Kristel Loots