Searching for Sarah

The Woman Who Loved Langenhoven

Dominique Malherbe



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Date Released:

April 2021

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R 370.00


Soft cover, 240pp

About this book:

In 1932, Afrikaans literary icon CJ Langenhoven died suddenly. He surprised the Afrikaner establishment by naming a young Jewish woman, the fiery redhead Sarah Eva Goldblatt, executrix of his literary legacy. 
Since childhood, Dominique Malherbe had been intrigued by the mystery surrounding her great-aunt and Langenhoven. She finally set out to discover Sarah’s story, reclaim her for posterity, and find Sarah's son. In this biography-cum-memoir she uncovers a fascinating literary love story.

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Readers say

‘A fascinating slice of literary history which shines a light on a remarkable woman . . .’

– Karina M. Szczurek

‘An intimate and full-bodied biography. Malherbe leaves no stone unturned in her quest to understand the character of Sarah Goldblatt.’

– Joanne Jowell

‘Sensitive and caring. Secrets are unveiled and silences broken. A forensic tour de force.’

– Milton Shain, historian