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Eat Smart for Sport

Learn how to maximise sports performance and results through smart eating

Paula Volschenk, Liesbet Delport

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Date Released:

May 2015

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R 290.00


About this book:

Manage your weight, keep fit, and enhance your performance!

Two top South African experts have joined forces to bring you this up-to-date guide to what, how much, and when to eat to optimise sports performance. Practical and realistic, it provides professional sportspeople, enthusiastic amateurs and concerned parents with scientific information.

Eat Smart for Sport enables you to design your own diet, using the foods you love, to attain the goals you have set yourself. Simply go to the tables at the back and see how many carbohydrate, protein and fat units you need to maintain or lose weight, with anything from zero to five hours of exercise per day. Along with easy-to-use tables, the book includes many sample eating plans for different weight groups and for eating before, during and after competition.

Adjust your eating to your training programme and use the GI concept to give you the competitive edge.