Groot Verseboek Deel 2

André Brink





Date Released:

February 2009

Price (incl. VAT):

R 395.00


Soft cover, 492pp

About this book:

The second volume of Groot Verseboek.

Groot Verseboek represents an adventure of uncommon scope and ambition: the best and most representative poems produced in a language since its first hesitant, often stumbling, but always exuberant efforts just over a century ago, until the most up-to-date modern and postmodern verse written during the first decade of the 21st century. In a total of 1424 pages the work of some 216 poets is offered to the reader, from the First Language Movement in the late 19th century - chauvinistic and patriotic utterances, religious fervour, the intense involvement with nature, the upheavals of the Anglo-Boer War the first protestations of love in an environment of primness and prejudice - to the increasingly frank explorations of the individual consciousness leading to an early peak of creativity in the 1930s and 1940s, and wanderings through the dark night of the soul or the fierce and feverish light of private passions. The searing honesty in the agonies and ecstasies of the post-war decades brings encounters with Peter Blum (born in Trieste but soon an exponent of the most frank and fearless poetry written in Afrikaans in the years following the War), with the guitar music of Adam Small and the wild imaginings of Breyten Breytenbach, alongside of a formidable phalanx of women, Elisabeth Eybers and Ina Rousseau and Ingrid Jonker (who became the Sylvia Plath of Afrikaans), followed by Wilma Stockenström and Antjie Krog, by Petra Müller and Marlene van Niekerk and Trienke Laurie.

The landscape of Afrikaans poetry, originally marked only by whites, soon expands to encompass brown and black voices as well. They overwhelm the reader with nostalgia or prophetic inspiration, with sonnets and haikus and odes and crosswords and lullabies and hardboiled realism, with the erotic and the sardonic, with blasphemy and sly or iconoclastic humour, with explorations of dreams and memories, hopes and terrors, with landscapes of fear or serenity or guilt or innocence, intimations of mortality and immortality, of the most fleeting and the most lasting or pervasive, with rage and revolt, with resignation or quietly burning faith, preoccupations with Europe and the Far East and the Americas and, always, always, with Africa, its crudeness and relentlessness, its generosity and magnanimity and cruelty and terrors, its primordial past and imagined future, its magic and its unforgiving actuality its patterns and rhythms and surprises. There are evocations of purity and of sexual excess, of forgiveness or blame, of femininity and masculinity, of childhood and the unforgiving approaches of old age and death.

Groot Verseboek is an invitation to a voyage from the known to the unknown, from beginnings and origins to as-yet unpredictable endings; a journey of recreation and peace and tranquil musing, and of excitement and discovery, of harrowing truths and reassuring reveries, an exploration of heaven and earth and the waters under the earth, of heaven and hell, of the here-and-now and the ever-unreachable. It celebrates a language that originated in the mouths of the slaves and the dispossessed and the downtrodden in the old Cape Colony and which now is equipped - through its poetry as through everything else - to explore whatever is known and not yet known in the world, in the heart, or in the mind.


op weg na kû

Breyten Breytenbach

die na-dood

Breyten Breytenbach


Breyten Breytenbach

Die singende hand

Breyten Breytenbach

Pienk ceramic-hondjies

Ryan Pedro

Gesant van die mispels

Marlene van Niekerk

Die maan is swart

Adam Small, Ronelda Kamfer

Vyf-en-veertig skemeraandsange

Breyten Breytenbach


Bibi Slippers

Vers en vlam

Jeanette Ferreira


Adam Small

In die stille agterkamer

Marlene van Niekerk


Ena Jansen, Elisabeth Eybers

Die stomme aarde: 'n keur

Wilma Stockenström

Mens dier ding

Alfred Schaffer, Zandra Bezuidenhout

Derde gety

Zandra Bezuidenhout

Ingrid Jonker: Versamelde gedigte

Ingrid Jonker

Nou in infrarooi

Tom Dreyer


Antjie Krog


Jolyn Phillips


Bibi Slippers

Nou, hier

Corné Coetzee

’n Hunkering se grein

Johann de Lange


Pieter Odendaal


Loit Sōls

Jan, Piet, Koos en Jakob

Loftus Marais


Marlene van Niekerk

om my kastele in Spanje te sloop

Jaco Barnard-Naudé


Ashwin Arendse


Antjie Krog

Asof geen berge ooit hier gewoon het nie

Pieter Odendaal


Breyten Breytenbach, Charl-Pierre Naudé

Die meeste sterre is lankal dood

Johann de Lange


Jolyn Phillips

Stil punt van die aarde

Johann de Lange

Om die gedagte van geel

Petra Müller


Breyten Breytenbach

Nootvat. Kwashaal. Stapel

Bernard Odendaal


Lynthia Julius


Nathan Trantraal

Die lewe is 'n asem lank

Frieda van den Heever, Frieda van den Heever

Uit die kroes

Lynthia Julius

Ko lat ons sing

Adam Small

'n Vry vrou

Antjie Krog, Karen de Wet

Alles het niet kom wôd

Nathan Trantraal


Ronelda Kamfer

Versamelde poësie

D.J. Opperman

Môre en gistraand en die einde van die maand

Philip De Vos

Vers & vrou

Karen de Wet


Ronelda Kamfer