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Surprised by the man on the borrowed donkey: Ordinary Blessings

Denise Ackermann



Epub ISBN:



Lux Verbi

Date Released:

May 2014

Price (incl. VAT):

R 365.00


Soft cover, 320pp

About this book:

Well-known and respected theologian Prof. Denise Ackermann openly explores her experiences after she was diagnosed first with cancer, and then with macular degeneration leading to impaired sight. She shares her search for answers in this gripping, thought-provoking book. Honest and revealing, she grapples with her faith in Jesus in this, her “biography of faith” - faith in “the man on the borrowed donkey”, as she calls him. Facing some of life's hardest questions, she discovers the ability to view her own life with the eyes of faith and to see, above all else, a history of blessings - many blessings.