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Game plan for life

How to overcome life

Jannie Putter



Epub ISBN:



Lux Verbi

Date Released:

April 2012

Price (incl. VAT):

R 210.00


Soft cover, 224pp

About this book:

Former Blue Bulls mental coach Jannie Putter shares with readers what real success is and how everyone can be a champion, despite wrong choices in the past. As we need a strategy in order to be successful in sport or with a project, we need a game plan to steer our daily lives. Using powerful anecdotes, Jannie Putter points out the many pitfalls that may prevent us from reaching our true potential. These include rebellion, jealousy, arrogance, false perceptions, addiction, depression, affairs and divorce. Each chapter ends with a self-discovery section, where readers can respond by answering questions. Game plan for life is a game changer. It will help readers to reflect on life and will assist them in formulating and applying powerful strategies that will transform their thoughts and actions. Game Plan for Life can also be used in small groups.