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The Goddess Bootcamp

Okay is a 4-letter word. You are meant for more.

Kagiso Msimango




Melinda Ferguson Books

Date Released:

April 2012

Price (incl. VAT):

R 265.00


Soft cover, 256pp

About this book:

Are you broken, depressed, in need of rescuing? Then this book is NOT for you. If however 'okay', 'fine', 'not bad', 'alright' often feature in describing your life and relationships, mood and career - you need The Goddess Bootcamp. Reading this book will empower, inspire and upgrade your life, to one filled with pleasure, passion and purpose. 
Talk show queen Anele Mdoda had this to say: "Witty, humorous and wise. The Goddess Bootcamp is not just a read, it's a call to action."
Carte Blanche presenter and radio host Claire Mawisa agrees. "The Goddess Bootcamp feeds that part of your self you didn't even know was starving. This book will not just get you what you want from life, but what you didn't even know you needed."