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Jeanette Ferreira





Date Released:

May 2011

Price (incl. VAT):

R 315.00


Soft cover, 328pp

About this book:

From 1899 to 1902 the Boer Republics were engaged in a war with the mighty Britain. This collection of stories is the creative contribution of Afrikaans writers living a century later. All but three of them were especially written for this collection. Many of the tales have their origin in oral history and official documents, and from these fragmented pieces come forth an exceptionally nuanced picture of this traumatic era. There are stories about battles and destruction, suffering, love and bitterness, stories about families and outsiders, joiners and rebels, unlikely heroes, ironic victories, restrictions and freedom. Some of the stories are complex, others accessible, such that this collection offers something special for every reader.

The collection contains not only contributions by best-known Afrikaans authors, but also surprising debuts, as well as contributions by writers who have specialised in non-literary work up to now.

All in all Boereoorlogstories: 34 verhale oor die oorlog van 1899 - 1902 offers both writers and readers a new acquaintance with our roots, with ourselves and with each other.