Pharos Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek | Bilingual School Dictionary






Date Released:

May 2020

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R 220.00


Soft cover, 760pp

About this book:

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The popular Pharos Bilingual School Dictionary (2020, 9th impression) boasts a brand-new orange cover!

This dictionary contains almost 11 000 Afrikaans and English headwords with translations and full sentences. It is suitable for learners in grades 7–12 whose home language is Afrikaans or English, as well as for additional language. For this reason, headwords, phrases and expressions have been included that learners will encounter most in their school work and in everyday life.

The dictionary is easy to use, and will help learners build their vocabulary and improve grammar. Headwords are printed in bold, blue type and display word breaks and primary stress. Inflections, such as plural and past tense forms, degrees of comparison, as well as context guidance appear in full. One or more practical translations are provided for each headword and full sentences in Afrikaans and English illustrate the use of each sense of a headword.

Other user-friendly features:

  • Labels are given in brackets to help with context, for example, subject-specific words, figurative use of words, and other additional grammar guidance, such as “usually in the plural”.
  • Common phrases and expressions.
  • Abbreviations are included in the alphabetical position.
  • Word families: derivatives of root forms, together with the new part of speech (abbreviated).
  • Clear cross-references from one headword to another
  • Handy information boxes with additional information about grammar, spelling and usage.

A bonus supplement with additional information on parts of speech, words easily confused, and idioms and proverbs, makes this perfect as a one-stop reference in both the classroom and at home.