Jou geldsake

Hou kop in onseker tye

Theo Vorster



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Date Released:

October 2020

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R 310.00


Soft cover, 184pp

About this book:

Covid-19 hit the world economy like an atomic bomb. Markets have tumbled and many people are poorer than before. Pensions have shrunk, job security is a luxury and families are unsure if they will be able to afford their house and car repayments. How do I cope in these uncertain times? One of the country's leading economists, Theo Vorster, gives advice on how to manage your money to survive this crisis, and other crises, financially.

Readers say

“’n Uitstekende handleiding om enige finansiële tsoenami te oorleef”

– Ryk van Niekerk

“’n Briljante boek wat alles wat ons oor geld moet weet op ’n duidelike en verstaanbare manier verduidelik”

– Warren Ingram