At Any Cost

The South African fraudster who took the tech world for more than $40 million

Stephen Timm



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Date Released:

February 2021

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R 365.00


Soft cover, 240pp

About this book:

Eran Eyal had it all: a trendy New York apartment, a jet-set lifestyle and investors lining up to get in on his million-dollar cryptocurrency start-up, Shopin. But the New York police pounced in 2018, charged him with fraud and packed him off to Rikers Island. As $42 million went up in smoke, the South African entrepreneur was exposed as an audacious fraudster determined to succeed at any cost – even if it meant spinning a web of lies to do so. 

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Readers say

“An age-old narrative about ego and flying too close to the sun as well as a modern version of greed in the tech world.”

— Michael Jordaan

“Eyal proves definitively that a thousand white lies can get you convicted of fraud. This book meticulously walks the reader though the start-up lies that ended in tears.”

— Nic Haralambous