The Afrikaners: a Biography

Hermann Giliomee





Date Released:

November 2009

Price (incl. VAT):

R 499.00


Soft cover, 752pp

About this book:

Stals Prize for History Sciences (2004)
Recht Malan Prize for Non-Fiction (2004)

The bestselling narrative history of a group often despised, but never before so well understood. Hermann Giliomee tells their dramatic and compelling story - of contradictory leanings towards freedom and oppression - in highly readable narrative.

Revised and updated, this new edition includes a chapter on the often fraught relationship between Afrikaners and the ANC in power, with an analysis of why Afrikaners relinquished power so easily, and how they, along with other minorities, are increasingly resisting ANC efforts to undermine the Constitution. Giliomee also examines the wildly divergent reactions of Afrikaners to President Zuma and his attempts to woo them.

“Honest historians tread with the greatest of care, with the sharpest of eyes, the keenest of hearing. There can be no more experienced or honest guide than Hermann Giliomee.” - Charles van Onselen

“All previous attempts to grasp the complexity of Afrikaner history pales into insignificance when compared to Giliomee's monumental work.” - Times Literary Supplement

“A stunning achievement” - Athol Fugard

“Definitive” --Time Magazine

“Giliomee is level-headed, independent-minded and wholly unafraid to take on even the most difficult questions.” - RW Johnson