The Fall by Jen Thorpe

15 Julie 2020

Set against the #FeesMustFall movement, but in an alternative South Africa, this is speculative fiction with high suspense and sociopolitical commentary.
Listen to a trailer for a sense of what to expect:

When Thuli reveals her secret – that she can see into the near future – to journalist Helen, the latter is sceptical. But as Thuli believes she’s seen that #FeesMustFall protest leader, Hector, will be assassinated, Helen looks into the matter. What she finds is odd behaviour by the police on campus. Police sent by President Noné, who wants no trouble from pesky students while she launches her zoo of magical creatures. If what Thuli say is true, they have only seven days to change the future …

“Breathtakingly imaginitive, original and entertaining.” - Sarah Lotz