Christine le Roux Keur 9

’n Wêreld sonder hom; ’n Kwessie van tegniek; Bewys van liefde

Christine le Roux




Human & Rousseau

Date Released:

November 2023

Price (incl. VAT):

R 310.00


Soft cover, 366pp

About this book:

’n Wêreld sonder hom: Nicoline, an adventurous 30-year-old redhead, is easily bored by any man who shows interest in her. But when she visits her brother in hospital and takes pity on a Norwegian patient in the same ward, her life takes a different turn.

’n Kwessie van tegniek: During a work interview Alicia becomes so annoyed with the gifted actor André Rosner, that she tells him exactly how little she thinks of him before storming out. But soon thereafter she finds herself in a small Karoo town, working as screenwriter on a film with none other than André in the lead role.

Bewys van liefde: Corinne, an accomplished young physiotherapist, sees her friend’s brother become a recluse after an accident that left him paralysed. She decides that the only way to jolt him out of his self-pity is with a good dose of honesty.