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The Boy and the Poacher's Moon

Pamela Newham



Epub ISBN:



Human & Rousseau

Date Released:

May 2020

Price (incl. VAT):

R 165.00


Soft cover, 148pp

About this book:

Billy is one of four finalists chosen in the Wild2Save competition to spend a weekend in the Kruger National Park. At first, he is nervous to meet new people, but soon finds a great group of friends in the fun-loving Vusi, brainy Jabu and pretty Surina. Their hosts, Bokkie and Schalk Kriek, promise a weekend exploring the bushveld and viewing the amazing wildlife. But on their first night they come face to face with a group of ruthless poachers and land in grave danger.

Who is the mysterious boy, and the anonymous “Hornblower”? Will they help the four friends expose the villains and save the rhino?

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