Anton Rupert

Die lewe van ’n sakelegende

Ebbe Dommisse



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Date Released:

March 2024

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R 395.00


Soft cover, 456pp

About this book:

Two decades after tycoon and philanthropist Anton Rupert’s death, he remains a compelling role model for South African entrepreneurs starting out with little.

Anton Rupert – The Life of a Business Icon, an updated edition of Ebbe Dommisse’s topselling biography, retells Rupert’s story in full. Unlike Harry Oppenheimer, Rupert was no heir, neither did he make his millions from mining. He was a small-town boy who grew up in the Depression, struggled to fund his studies in science, and then started a small dry-cleaning business. From here, Rupert became spectacularly successful, retiring with an international business empire with a head office in Switzerland, and on the ­Forbes­ list of the 500 ­wealthiest people worldwide. He built a dynasty, making the Ruperts, next to the Oppenheimers, the richest family in Africa.


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