Blydskap: Mindfulness-wenke vir ’n vreugdevolle lewe

Johannes de Villiers



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Human & Rousseau

Date Released:

January 2020

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R 330.00


Soft cover, 272pp

About this book:

It is not necessarily easy to be happy – but Johannes de Villiers shows how it is a goal anyone can achieve. This book offers a comprehensive look at a joyful life: Everything from theories of what exactly happiness is to practical tips for achieving it, with information from spiritual leaders as well as psychologists. True stories support the suggestions, such as that of the man whose path to happiness began when secret police shot him.

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Readers say

“’n Wekroep tot deernis, stilte én aksie … Hierdie boek kan werklik jou lewe verander.”

– Erns Grundling