Living While Feminist

13 April 2020

With the postponement of the in-person launches of Living While Feminist, several of the contributors pulled together virtually to bring you this podcast! We compiled their WhatsApp voicenotes into this podcast, where you'll get to hear readings from various authors, the inspiration behind their contributions and much more. Listen on the platform of your choice:

Living While Feminist will be available in all good bookstores when lockdown is over, but the great news is you can get the eBook NOW on various platforms!
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More about the book: So much of our life experience is filtered through our bodies – norms, myths, and cultural standards continue to shape the way that we and the world feel about our bodies and how we see ourselves. Feminism says these rules are b s . Our bodies can be tools for conformity or resistance. Feminism helps us learn and unlearn things about ourselves and the world we live in. Feminism is for all of us, for every single body. This collection takes us from an examination of skin and hair, to an exploration of pleasure, sex, and safety. It considers the way our bodies change, our health, and how we become who we are. It questions the way that institutions can trap us, how we can trap ourselves, and the importance of our hearts in all of this. Bold and honest, these writings ask questions more than they try to force answers. This book reminds us that feminism is dynamic, open, and ever relevant. Writing by Desiree Lewis, Mishumo Madima, Tiffany Kagure Mugo, Dawn Garisch, Nobantu Shabangu, Helen Moffett, M.A. Warden, Nyx McLean, Noah Sloman, Srila Roy, Owethu Makhathini and others.

'An enlightening read that makes you want to stand on a mountain top and shout, "Viva feminism, viva". Living While Feminist is powerful, real and raw." - Qaanitah Hunter