Press Release: Illegal sharing of Our Poisoned Land on social media – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

17 November 2022

16 November 2022

Press Release: Illegal sharing of Our Poisoned Land on social media – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

A pirated, hacked copy of Our Poisoned Land by Jacques Pauw is being shared on social media.

As NB Publishers, the publisher of this important book, we understand that many South Africans may be doing this innocently, as they have heard of the EFF’s attempt to have the book withdrawn.


We assure the public that we have no intention of withdrawing Our Poisoned Land and we have printed enough copies to meet the demand for this book. We are working hard to ensure that shops receive their orders as soon as possible and don’t run out of copies of the book, and we will reprint timeously should the stocks run low.  


When Pauw’s previous book, The President’s Keepers, was published in 2017, individuals within the State Security Agency and others tried to have it withdrawn and we successfully defeated those attempts. History, it seems, is repeating itself.


Piracy hurts this courageous author, who has, through his work, ensured that South Africans know the truth that has been hidden from them. Piracy also hurts the publishing industry and is illegal. In 2017, The President’s Keepers was pirated and shared on social media. The publisher and author then appealed to South Africans to do the right thing and buy their copies of the book. The response was overwhelmingly supportive. We again appeal to you: If you cannot find the book in your local book shop, please buy the e-book from a platform such as Amazon:


The author and NB Publishers have taken great risks to bring this important investigative work out into the open. So please read it, but also do the right thing, and please pay for it.




Media enquiries: Jean Pieters [email protected]