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Ina le Roux
Biographical info

Ina le Roux was a lecturer in Afrikaans literature. For the last six years of her academic career, till 1994, she taught at the University of Venda. Her research interests included early Buddhist Pali texts and the oral tradition of the Venda people. Some years ago she started a quilting and embroidering initiative to set a group of disadvantaged rural African women (now 65 women) on a path of economic empowerment.

The embroidered folktales, which are sold as appliqué blocks and used by quilters and crafters all over the world, is a practical way of preserving the Venda oral tradition. (See the website: www.tambani.co.za.)

So lief as wat daardie hoender vir ’n skoot is was her first book. She lives in Johannesburg.