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Leon de Villiers
Biographical info

Leon de Villiers was born op 25 July 1960 in Pretoria. He matriculated at Hercules High School in the same city, after which he studied at the University of Pretoria. He completed a BA and then a BA Honours Degree in Political Science and International Politics. He also completed a Diploma in Higher Education at the same university.

After graduation, he became a history teacher, but in 1993 he decided to become a full time writer. His first youth novel, Aliens en engele, was published in 1996 by Tafelberg. He was awarded the Sanlam Debut Prize, the Scheepers Prize for Youth Literature and the M.E.R. Prize for his second novel, Die pro, which was published in 1997.

Books still in print

Aliens en engele, Tafelberg (1996)
Die pro, Tafelberg (1997)

Awards and Honours

Sanlam Debut Prize (1997) – Die pro
Scheepers Prize for Youth Literature (1998) – Die pro
M.E.R. Prize (1998) – Die pro
ATKV Children’s Book Award (2003) – Elsie soek ’n strooihoed
Alba Bouwer Prize (2003) – Droomoog Diepgrawer
C.P. Hoogenhout Prize (2005) – Droomoog Diepgrawer
ATKV Children’s Book Award (2005) – Parmant


Children’s and youth books
1996 Aliens en engele, Tafelberg
1997 Die pro, Tafelberg
2000 Groete van die hiëna, Tafelberg
2001 Elsie soek 'n strooihoed, Lapa
2001 Wat soek jy Daniël?, Lapa
2003 Die klein seuntjie en die drake, Lapa
2003 Droomoog Diepgrawer, Lapa
2003 Erik en die Kido-dinges, Lapa
2004 My sussie se tande, Lapa
2004 Ek en my monster. ’n Handleiding vir beginners, Lapa
2005 Maroelaboomstories, Lapa
2007 Toko, Lapa


Elsie soek ’n strooihoed (2001)
• Xhosa (Umnqwazi kaNomaza owenziwe ngengca)

Parmant (2003)
• English (Cheeky, 2003)

Maroelaboomstories (2005)
• English (Tales from the Marula Tree)

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