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Susan Coetzer
Biographical info

Susan Coetzer was born in Cape Town and completed a BA Drama degree at Stellenbosch University. She moved to Johannesburg in the early 80s to start her acting career and soon won three Vita awards and an Artes for best stage and TV actress respectively.

During the 90s, she changed careers and, as a single mother, became a journalist and columnist for publications such as Rooi Rose, De Kat, On Flight, and Finesse. Her popular columns were also published in book form: Sonneblomme en daisies, Lisa se dagboek and Mamma het ’n breek nodig.

In 2002 she branched out again – this time into business. She started a home theatre restaurant, Die Blou Hond, which she ran successfully for ten years, creating work for several artists in the process. During this time she also took lessons in painting and opened her own art gallery, The Moody Art Gallery. She also took part in art exhibitions together with artists such as Frans Claerhout.

In 2007 she wrote her first novel, Oros vir die siel, which soon became a bestseller. Her next novels, Custard vir die siel and Tjoklits vir die siel, were equally successful. Susan has written 16 books, including spiritual self-empowerment books for women, and new titles by her are always in demand. She is described as someone with humour and empathy, with insight into human behaviour, and her readers regard her as a friend rather than a celebrity.

A popular motivational speaker, she travels weekly to inspire and encourage audiences, both locally and abroad. In 2013, Finesse readers voted her Inspirational Woman of the Year.

Since 2016, she has delighted audiences countrywide with her one-woman show, Koek en tert, seen as the female version of Groet die grotman.

With her 2018 novel, Selma en Louise, a story about friendship and betrayal published by Human & Rousseau, Susan hopes to reach a wider market.

Susan has one son, Frankie Opperman, who is also involved in the entertainment industry. She lives in Johannesburg.


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