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Madeleine van Biljon
Biographical info

Madeleine Leonore van Biljon was born on 14 May 1928 in Lichtenburg in the Western Transvaal. She matriculated in Montagu and then started working as a trainee nurse at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town. She soon realised it wasn’t a career for her and started working at Die Vaderland newspaper in 1948 as a reporter. She later became the women’s editor and started writing columns for several Afrikaans and English newspaper. Her columns and sketches were later collected in book form, namely Mevrou jy’s lastig (1967), Kwellings en kwinkslae (1974) and Afdraai na bedroef (1996).

Madeleine was president of the Cape Town Press Club in the early Eighties, and also wrote a food column for the Sunday Times for many years.

After working as a journalist for more than 50 years, Madeleine passed away in 2010 at age 81.

 List of published works

1967 Mevrou, jy’s lastig, Voortrekkerpers
1974 Kwellings en kwinkslae, Tafelberg
1975 Merely Madeleine, Tafelberg
1996 Afdraai na bedroef, Tafelberg

Children's books
1990 Hier is ons huis, Daan Retief
1992 Eduard kuier by Ouma, HAUM-Daan Retief
1997 Madeleine van Biljon se oumaboek, Queillerie

1996 Geliefde leesgoed, Queillerie

Translated works

Hier is ons huis
English (1990)

Eduard kuier by Ouma
English (1992)