Een voet innie kabr

Gaireyah Fredericks





Date Released:

January 2024

Price (incl. VAT):

R 280.00


Soft cover, 208pp

About this book:

“Jy huil, jy lag. Jy belééf.” – Anastasia de Vries

“Een voet innie kabr isse boek wat ooloep met mystery, beauty, pyn en humour. Fredericks skryf ’n wêreld oep wat min gesien wôd in Afrikaans, en nog minner soe intimately en honestly.” – Nathan Trantraal 
Een voet innie kabr is a short story collection written in Kaaps and the Cape Muslim vernacular. You can taste the koesiestes and hear the sounds of this community, musky and sweet as the riches out of heaven. Gaireyah Fredericks’ debut collection captures the Muslim experience in South Africa, moving these authentic characters and their culture from the margins to the forefront. The tailor-doctor with his briefcase full of material, measuring tape and his pen. The pain of the woman who has to bury her newborn twins. There is the prim and proper Marielda and her struggle to be the dutiful wife. And then there is Ghoemeira who has to walk the fine line between tradition and modernity.