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Notes From the Dementia Ward

Finuala Dowling



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Date Released:

August 2008

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R 280.00


Soft cover, 48pp


Kwela Books & Snailpress

About this book:

Olive Schreiner Prize for Poetry 2010 Finuala Dowling’s third collection of verse following on the brilliant and popular I flying and Doo-wop girls of the universe. This new collection deals in part with the tragicomic effects of the inexorable and distressing collapse into senility, and the way in which memory and yearning come to the fore as a mix of poignancy and wit. The balance between the grim and the touchingly comic is delicately maintained and the subject is imbued with dignity and grace. The dementia poems are interlaced with wry, ironic and compassionate poems that are the hallmark of this remarkable poet.