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Tafelberg Short: Somalia - Fixing Africa's Most Failed State

J. Pham, Greg Mills, John Pham, David Kilcullen

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Date Released:

March 2013

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R 55.00


About this book:

Lowest down on the Failed State Index for five years running, Somalia has been described as “destroyed”, “stateless” and “ravaged”. Yet is also a place of promise. In this concise and compelling book, three internationally recognised experts on Africa examine the Somalian crisis. Comparing Somalia to neighbouring Somaliland, from the historical background up to the present, and looking into the effect of international intervention, this book provides an astute, sometimes surprising analysis pointing to the power of local ownership. Authoritative and thought-provoking, with many a lesson for stabilising failed states, Somalia – Fixing Africa's Most Failed State is both timely and useful.