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Tafelberg Short: Moments with Mandela

And the challenge of his legacy

Wilmot James

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Date Released:

November 2012

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R 55.00


About this book:

Reading the script of Invictus, finding a new – Afrikaans and anti-slavery – name for Mandela’s Cape Town home, discussing awkward issues like HIV or “coloured” politics: through all these experiences of Nelson Mandela Wilmot James’s admiration for the man’s values and his fearlessness grew. In revealing anecdotes, the author shares his personal and political journey and how this was deeply informed by those values exemplified by Mandela. He tells of his youth and his initial attraction to Black Consciousness, of how he met Jakes Gerwel, of his political and career development and how he eventually became a leader in the Democratic Alliance. Yet Mandela’s example – and the challenge of his legacy – still informs James’s deepest convictions. A gripping, up-close look at the legacy of a singular leader.