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Telita Snyckers

Telita Snyckers is an author and a tax and customs lawyer. She worked closely with Pravin Gordhan and Ivan Pillay during her tenure at the South African Revenue Service (SARS). She was admitted as an attorney of the High Court, she holds a masters degree in Constitutional Law, and diplomas in exchange control and the combating of money laundering.
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Lynthia Julius

Lynthia Julius was born in Springbok, raised in Kimberley and currently stays in Bloemfontein. She holds a honours degree in philosophy from the University of the Free State. In 2018 she was named the winner in the Afrikaans category of the AVBOB poetry competition. 
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Anzil Kulsen

Anzil Kulsen obtained a BHons degree before joining the ATKV as project manager, focusing on establishing reading clubs and encouraging communities to start writing in the Northern Cape. She also presents courses in creative writing and does play and narrative therapy. Anzil and her husband, Heine, have two children. They live in Upington.

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Mart Meij

Mart Meij was a Foundation Phase teacher and a lecturer at the Further Education and Training in Pretoria. She is an Early Childhood Development expert. Since retirement, she focuses on compiling textbooks and resources for Foundation Phase. She is the author and compiler of the New All-In-One and Nuwe Alles-In-Een series.

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Sally Ann Partridge

Sally Partridge was named one of the Mail & Guardian’s 200 notable Young South Africans of 2011. She has received the MER Prize for Youth Literature for four of her novels and won a SALA Award for her novel, Mine, in 2019.  She has also been honoured by IBBY International for her young adult fiction. She lives in Cape Town. 
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Johannes de Villiers

Johannes de Villiers is the co-owner of The Hot Yoga Studio in Stellenbosch. He is a well-established writer, and as a journalist, wrote for Huisgenoot and Rapport. His work has also appeared in Die Burger, BY and Rooi Rose.
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Frans Cronje

Frans Cronje is the CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). He has presented scenarios concerning South Africa’s long-term economic and political prospects to more than a hundred corporations, government departments, foreign governments and political parties. He holds a PhD in scenario planning.
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François Bloemhof

François Bloemhof is a well-established author who has published more than forty titles in various genres and has won numerous prizes along the way. François freelances as a language practitioner and lives in Durbanville.  
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Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer is a full-time writer living in Stellenbosch. His publications include twelve novels (Wie met vuur speel, 1994, Feniks, 1996, Orion, 2000, Proteus, 2002, Infanta, 2004, Onsigbaar, 2007, 13 Uur, 2008, Spoor, 2010, 7 Dae, 2011, Kobra, 2013, Ikarus, 2015 and Koors, 2016). Orion, Proteus and Infanta all received the ATKV prize for fiction.
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