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Jaco Wolmarans

Jaco Wolmarans is a freelance video producer, photographer en and copywriter. He lives in Milnerton.
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Beatrix de Villiers

Beatrix de Villiers (1954) is born in Brits and studies Library Science at the Noord-West University. She is a clergywoman, and later studies Nursing Science and is appointed as the head matron at the Eugèné Marais hospitalin Pretoria. Beatrix is a co-author of the New All-In-One and Nuwe Alles-In-Een series’ and lives in Margate. 
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Arina du Plessis

Arina is a freelance food writer and presently food editor on Landbouweekblad. She has already published two recipe books, Onthaal – vars idees en resepte vir enige kuier and Plaaskos – Winter & Summer. Together with Bernice van der Merwe she has also published the popular Party Magic/Partytjies is Pret series.
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Johannes de Villiers

Johannes de Villiers is the co-owner of The Hot Yoga Studio in Stellenbosch. He is a well-established writer, and as a journalist, wrote for Huisgenoot and Rapport. ?His work has also appeared in Die Burger, BY and Rooi Rose.
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François Bloemhof

François Bloemhof is a well-established author who has published more than forty titles in various genres and has won numerous prizes along the way. François freelances as a language practitioner and lives in Durbanville.  
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Elsa Winckler

Elsa Winckler is a popular author of romance novels. She has won the prestigious ATKV Woordveertjie for romance novels for Tussen jazz en rock (LAPA) in 2010, Te eenders, te anders (Satyn) in 2014, and Liefde in laslap (Satyn) in 2016. She lives in Betty’s Bay.
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Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer is a full-time writer living in Stellenbosch. His publications include twelve novels (Wie met vuur speel, 1994, Feniks, 1996, Orion, 2000, Proteus, 2002, Infanta, 2004, Onsigbaar, 2007, 13 Uur, 2008, Spoor, 2010, 7 Dae, 2011, Kobra, 2013, Ikarus, 2015 and Koors, 2016). Orion, Proteus and Infanta all received the ATKV prize for fiction.
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Dana Snyman

Dana Snyman is a much-awarded topselling author, who also writes for Beeld, Rapport and Huisgenoot (South Africa’s biggest magazine). Since 2016, he has also had his own hugely popular television series, Op pad met Dana, which increased his public profile considerably. The fourth season began airing in April 2019.
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Christine Ferreira

Christine Ferreira is the editor of Lééf met hart & siel, an Afrikaans women’s magazine. She is frequently invited as guest speaker. Prior to joining Lééf, she was on the editorial team at Sarie magazine, where she was beauty editor for ten years. She lives in Johannesburg and is married to Johan, a pastoral psychologist.
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Chris Karsten

Chris Karsten started out as a crime journalist and worked for several big South African newspapers. His first novel, Frats, appeared in 2007 and received the ATKV Prize for Prose. In 2011 Abel se ontwaking was awarded the ATKV Prize for Prose and the ATKV Prize for Suspense Literature. 

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