Riding Life

A South African who survived death to inspire millions

Grant Lottering



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Date Released:

April 2023

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R 320.00


Soft cover, 224pp

About this book:

He was told he would never cycle again. But South African ultra-endurance cyclist Grant Lottering doesn’t take no for an answer.
In 2013, Lottering’s heart stopped after a gruesome accident in the Italian Alps. Doctors said he would never ride again. Since then, he has completed many gruelling rides through some of the toughest terrain on the planet. His story – proving that the human body can achieve the near impossible if you have the right mindset – is an inspiration to millions.

Readers say

‘His ability to overcome adversity and pain, even in the face of death, is what makes Grant truly unique.’

– Edwin Moses, Olympic Gold Medallist

‘Perseverance, resilience and determination personified’

– Bryan Habana