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1 Recce - The night belong to us | Biography: Historical, Political & Military

Alexander Strachan


1 Recce. One of the sharpest, most versatile and deadliest specialist units in the South African Defence Force. These men – superfit and unbelievably tough – were dauntless.
Time and again they put their lives on the line in covert operations that were mostly conducted under the cover of night, far behind enemy lines.
For decades, the participants have kept silent about these secret missions. Now, for the first time, the Recces’ legendary commanders reveal details about their many politically sensitive operations.
The award-winning author Alexander Strachan, himself a former Recce, tells the full story of 1 Recce’s formation, history and role in the Bush War. After years of myth and secrecy, this book provides an inside look at the Recces and the work they did invisibly behind the scenes. 

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1 Recce - The night belong to us | Biography: Historical, Political & Military

Author: Alexander Strachan
Category: Biography: Historical, Political & Military
ISBN: 9780624081524
Date Released: 31 October 2018
Price (incl. VAT): R 260.00
Format: Soft cover, 352pp

About this author

Alexander Strachan

Alexander Strachan spent his youth in Ladysmith in the north of KZN. In the erstwhile South African Defence Force he became a member of the reconnaissance...