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Kungasa Ngifile | Young Adult Fiction

E.D.M. (Dumisani) Sibiya


Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature: Nguni Winner (2002)

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'Kungasa ngifile! Kungcono ngife kunokuthi ngikuvumele ushade naleya ntombazane!' Kwasho umaMemela ememeza evutha amalangabi.

The title of this novel, translated freely into English is 'Over my dead body'. And that is indeed the attitude Mrs Memela takes when her son informs her that he plans to marry Nokuthula.

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Kungasa Ngifile | Young Adult Fiction

Author: E.D.M. (Dumisani) Sibiya
Category: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780624041092
Date Released: 02 November 2001
Price (incl. VAT): R 124.00
Format: Soft cover

About this author

E.D.M. (Dumisani) Sibiya

Dumisani Sibiya is a publisher at Clever Books in Johannesburg. His previous Sanlam-award winning books (Kungasa Ngifile and Ngidedele Ngife) have been approved...