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YOU Let's Cook Top 500 Recipes | Food & Drink

Carmen Niehaus

Human & Rousseau

YOU and Huisgenoot’s ever-popular Winning Recipes and Let’s Cook series – indisputably part of the South African food adventure – is now available in English. At long last the English-speaking home chef can celebrate with a collection of the Top 500 recipes published especially to commemorate Huisgenoot’s 90th birthday in style.

All of the recipes were tested by the experienced YOU/Huisgenoot food team and thus carry their personal stamp of approval for faultless cooking and baking pleasure.

More than 500 recipes chosen from Winning Recipes 1 - 7 and Winning Recipes 2000.

High-quality images together with a contemporary layout combine to make this attractive title a must-have in every kitchen.

Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans, Huisgenoot Top 500 Wenresepte.

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YOU Let's Cook Top 500 Recipes | Food & Drink

Author: Carmen Niehaus
Category: Food & Drink
ISBN: 9780798147156
Date Released: 02 October 2006
Price (incl. VAT): R 350.00
Format: Hardcover, 320 pp

About this author

Carmen Niehaus

Carmen Niehaus has been the food editor for Huisgenoot and YOU since 1989, and is currently filling the shoes of both décor and food editor. She has built...