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The Troubled Times of Magrieta Prinsloo | Fiction

Ingrid Winterbach

Human & Rousseau

When zoologist Magrieta Prinsloo is put on the wrong antidepressant, her head comes unstuck. She insults the head of her department, and impulsively resigns from her job. She accepts a position at the Bureau for Continuing Education, with the inscrutable Markus Potsdam as her boss. When he disappears one morning, matters become very complicated.
Winterbach's extraordinary gift as a novelist, and uncanny understanding of the human psyche, are again as evident as ever. 

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The Troubled Times of Magrieta Prinsloo | Fiction

Author: Ingrid Winterbach
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780798179263
Date Released: 19 May 2019
Price (incl. VAT): R 295.00
Format: Soft cover, 196pp

About this author

Ingrid Winterbach

Ingrid Gerda Winterbach was born in Johannesburg on 14 February 1948. She matriculated at Florida High School. In 1969 she completed a BA Degree in Fine Arts at...