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When Zuma goes (ePub) | Politics: General & Reference

Ralph Mathekga


South Africa has been in the grip of the ‘Zunami’ since May 2009: Scandal, corruption and allegations of state capture have become synonymous with the Zuma era, leaving the country and its people disheartened. But Jacob Zuma’s time is running out. What impact will his departure have on South Africa, its people and on the ruling party? Can we fix the damage, and how? Ralph Mathekga answers these questions and more as he puts Zuma’s leadership, and what will come after, in the spotlight.

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When Zuma goes (ePub) | Politics: General & Reference

Author: Ralph Mathekga
Category: Politics: General & Reference
ISBN: 9780624080688
Date Released: 01 November 2016
Price (incl. VAT): R 275.00
Format: Soft cover, 228pp

About this author

Ralph Mathekga

Ralph Mathekga is one of South Africa’s leading political analysts. He taught politics at the University of the Western Cape and worked as a senior policy...