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For Friends & Family | Food & Drink

Nicky Stubbs

Human & Rousseau

For Friends & Family is a love song - to the family and friends who have fed us, taught us to cook, and have eaten with us. Who have eaten simple meals at our dining room table. Because these meals were a reason for gathering and celebration. In For Friends & Family you will find all the necessary recipes you are looking for, ranging from breakfast, starters and mains to baking and pudding. So cook something and invite your friends and family over. It's time for creating new memories.

19 October 2016 Classic Lifestyle with Mimi Jardine and Nicky Stubbs

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For Friends & Family | Food & Drink

Author: Nicky Stubbs
Category: Food & Drink
ISBN: 9780798171250
Date Released: 20 October 2016
Price (incl. VAT): R 395.00
Format: Hardback, 336pp

About this author

Nicky Stubbs

Nicky Stubbs has a talent for cooking that is appreciated by all her friends and family. After lunch they lose their good manners and fight over the chocolate...