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Thomas Sankara Speaks | Biography

Thomas Sankara


When Thomas Sankara gained power he worked towards the expulsion of colonialism in Burkina Faso. His foreign policies were centred on anti-imperialism and rejecting foreign aid. Some of his domestic policies included preventing famine, prioritising education and public health and empowering women.

In this collection of his speeches and interviews, from 1983 until before his assassination in 1987, his true revolutionary spirit is encapsulated - this is proven in his iconic ideas.

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Thomas Sankara Speaks | Biography

Author: Thomas Sankara
Category: Biography
ISBN: 9780795707704
Date Released: 22 September 2016
Price (incl. VAT): R 200.00
Format: Soft cover, 352pp

About this author

Thomas Sankara

Thomas Sankara was a military captain, Marxist revolutionary, pan-Africanist theorist, feminist, and President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987. Viewed by...