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Openbaring (ePub) | Travel & Holiday Guides: General

Johan Bakkes


C. Johan Bakkes and his fellow adventurers embark on journeys to the coldest and warmest places on earth still inhabited by man. Heeding the warning expressed in Revelations 3:15-16, that a “lukewarm” life is not worth living, theirs is truly the road less travelled. An inspiring read.

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April 2016

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Openbaring (ePub) | Travel & Holiday Guides: General

Author: Johan Bakkes
Category: Travel & Holiday Guides: General
ISBN: 9780795801136
Date Released: 20 March 2016
Price (incl. VAT): R 275.00
Format: Soft cover,224pp

About this author

Johan Bakkes

Casparus Johan Bakkes was born on 21 October 1956 in Stellenbosch. He grew up in Saldanha Bay on the West Coast where his love for adventure, travel and nature...