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’n Ander vrou se rok (ePub) | Fiction

Kristel Loots


Zia isn’t a natural blonde, but she tries her best to be funky with second-hand designer clothes bought at charity shops. It’s just that another woman’s dress doesn’t always fit her body or her life.
She’s certainly not her perfect cousin, even though she has a boyfriend. Karel is her boyfriend. But only a fair-weather one. When Zia’s teaching career blows up in her face, Karel keeps his distance. Because he wants a respectable woman, one who won’t cause a scandal. Ouma Betta also wants to change Zia into a good Afrikaner woman so that she won’t – heaven forbid! – turn out like her mother. But Zia makes a national sport out of every faux pas in the book.
Zia could never have guessed just how creative her life would become the day she walked through Creative Creatures’s glass door. Or that a man who looks like a mannequin would set her heart racing. She knows that Jack de Villiers chooses his girlfriends to match his ties, but she can’t deny their chemistry . . .

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’n Ander vrou se rok (ePub) | Fiction

Author: Kristel Loots
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780624074717
Date Released: 17 November 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 220.00
Format: Soft cover,256pp

About this author

Kristel Loots

Kristel Loots grew up in Despatch where her fascination with life and people’s stories began.   Kristel has been writing for many years. Her work has often...