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Seks & Drugs & Boeremusiek | Autobiography

Koos (A.) Kombuis

Human & Rousseau

Seks & Drugs & Boeremusiek was a runaway success when it was published in 2000 and has been reprinted many times. It is an offbeat autobiography of Koos Kombuis (André le Roux du Toit), charting, amongst other things, his involvement in the revival of Afrikaans rock music and the Voëlvry movement against apartheid in the eighties.

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Seks & Drugs & Boeremusiek | Autobiography

Author: Koos (A.) Kombuis
Category: Autobiography
ISBN: 9780798171236
Date Released: 02 August 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 315.00
Format: Softcover, 296 pp

About this author

Koos (A.) Kombuis

Koos Kombuis/Koos A. Kombuis is the pen name of André le Roux du Toit, also known as André Letoit. André le Roux du Toit was born in Cape Town on 5 November...