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Eat Smart for Sport (2nd Ed.) | Fitness & Diet

Liesbet Delport , Paula Volschenk


Eat Smart for Sport is a practical guide to what, how much and when to eat when competing in sport, whether you are an amateur, a professional sportsperson or a concerned parent. Simply go to the tables at the back of the book and see how many carb, protein and fat units you need in a day to maintain or lose weight if you do up to 5 hours of exercise per day. Additional food tables tell you how much of different types of food equals one unit of carbohydrate, protein or fat. There are also many examples of eating plans for different weight groups. It also helps you compile a flexible eating plan for before, during and after competition. Learn how to use lower fat eating and the Glycemic Index (GI), as well as the concept of Glycemic Load (GL). This book is the ultimate sports nutrition guide.

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Eat Smart for Sport (2nd Ed.) | Fitness & Diet

Author: Liesbet Delport , Paula Volschenk
Category: Fitness & Diet
ISBN: 9780624069942
Date Released: 15 May 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 300.00
Format: Soft cover, 347pp

About this author

Liesbet Delport , Paula Volschenk

Liesbet Delport is one of South Africa's best selling health authors. She is a founder member of the Glycaemic Index Foundation of South Africa and has a...