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Liefde in laslap | Romance & Sagas

Elsa Winckler


Children’s book illustrator Natalie Olivier has no family of her own, but she feels at home with her friend Amelie’s kin – until Amelie’s brother-in-law returns from Italy. She finds the attractive Neethling Meyer’s chocolate brown eyes unnerving. And when, out of the blue, he kisses her, her heart refuses to return to its normal rhythm.

But Neethling is a famous thriller writer who clearly enjoys his single status. Natalie knows he’s not the type to commit to a long term relationship. Whatever is between them, won’t last.

Years after her childhood in the orphanage, Natalie finally learns more about her biological family and she starts to portray her life story in a quilt. But Neethling’s silhouette keeps appearing in her work. Are their life stories destined to become entwined?

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Liefde in laslap | Romance & Sagas

Author: Elsa Winckler
Category: Romance & Sagas
ISBN: 9780624072287
Date Released: 05 April 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 100.00
Format: Soft cover, 224pp

About this author

Elsa Winckler

Elsa Winckler was born in Upington in 1953. She worked as primary school teacher and at the University of Stellenbosch's English Department. She now...