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Moestas (ePub) | General Fiction

Deborah Steinmair

Human & Rousseau

Deborah Steinmair’s Moestas is the third and last installment in a series of suspense novels consisting of Die neus (2012) and Wenkbrou (2013). Once again, Aga, Jesse, Claude and Stasi take the lead as they confront the mysterious Daantjie Pieterse, a child molester operating under the alias Danny Peter, and posing as the charismatic pastor of the Bleeding Heart of the Lamb Ministries. A shocking chapter from Claude’s childhood is revealed, which sees Stasi stepping in as detective. Finally, the pastor’s body is found in suitcases, mutilated. A suspenseful novel, written with compassion and humour.

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Moestas (ePub) | General Fiction

Author: Deborah Steinmair
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780798168021
Date Released: 20 March 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 260.00
Format: ePub

About this author

Deborah Steinmair

Deborah Steinmair grew up in Pretoria. She was awarded a BA (in English and Drama) with Drama honors. She has worked as an assistant to a travelling puppeteer,...