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Oliver Tambo Speaks (ePub) | Politics: General & Reference

Oliver Tambo


This unique collection of speeches, writings and rare interviews, with a foreword by Nelson Mandela, gives a coherent and comprehensive view of the ANC’s development, from its origins as a protest movement in the stormy 1950s, through its banning and subsequent reconstitution in exile, into the organisation that it is today. 

Twenty years on from the first truly democratic elections, South Africans find themselves once again in a period of flux. In Oliver Tambo Speaks, one of the principal architects of the “new” South Africa expresses his thoughts on what the ANC was, what it became in order to liberate South Africa from oppression and what it should evolve into in order to provide a better life for all. Aside from being a vital historical document, Oliver Tambo Speaks presents us with fresh perspectives on our current situation from one of the greatest political thinkers that South Africa has produced.       

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Oliver Tambo Speaks (ePub) | Politics: General & Reference

Author: Oliver Tambo
Category: Politics: General & Reference
ISBN: 9780795706851
Date Released: 20 May 2014
Price (incl. VAT): R 190.00
Format: ePub

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Oliver Tambo

Among black South African leaders, Oliver Tambo was probably the most respected on the African continent, in Europe, Asia and the Americas. During his...