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Flenters: Hoe omgee lewens kan verander (ePub) | Christian Lifestyle

Lina du Plessis

Lux Verbi

Flenters is a selection of true stories which Lina du Plessis accumulated during the time she worked with orphans as a foster parent. Rather than being gloomy, Lina chooses to bring compassion and humour to a huge problem in South Africa. The aim of these stories – ranging from Christmas plays and trips to the dentist – is to celebrate God’s amazing grace and also to give the reader information on how to get involved and change the lives of these vulnerable children.

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Flenters: Hoe omgee lewens kan verander (ePub) | Christian Lifestyle

Author: Lina du Plessis
Category: Christian Lifestyle
ISBN: 9780796317858
Date Released: 15 April 2014
Price (incl. VAT): R 180.00
Format: ePub

About this author

Lina du Plessis

Lina du Plessis has been Stephan Joubert’s coworker at Ekerk (www.ekerk.org) since 2007. From 2006 onwards she has been a caregiver in two foster homes in...