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Anton Rupert - ’n Lewensverhaal (ePub) | Biography

Ebbe Dommisse , Willie Esterhuyse


The new, updated edition of the bestselling biography of African millionaire Anton Rupert. Rupert was born during the Depression in the modest Karoo town of Graaf-Reinet.Yet his Rembrandt Group would gain international renown with glittering brands like Cartier, Dunhill and Rothmans. A family dynasty was built up within a few decades, making the Rupers, next to the Oppenheimers, Afrika’s wealthiest family.

Author and newspaper editor Ebbe Dommisse’s extensive international research and many hours of interviewing Rupert, his family and those who knew make for an insprirational book. Now in soft cover with additional information on his death, his will and what Mbeki and Mandela had to say about this local legend.

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Anton Rupert - ’n Lewensverhaal (ePub) | Biography

Author: Ebbe Dommisse , Willie Esterhuyse
Category: Biography
ISBN: 9780624063834
Date Released: 01 December 2009
Price (incl. VAT): R 440.00
Format: Softcover, 584 pp (+16 pp photo section)

About this author

Ebbe Dommisse , Willie Esterhuyse

Ebbe Dommisse’s career in journalism spanned 40 years and culminated as editor-in-chief of Die Burger. He went to school in Carnarvon in the Karoo and later...