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A Triple-headed Serpent (ePub) | Historical & Mythological Fiction

Marié Heese

Human & Rousseau

The sequel to The Colour of Power

Engrossing and moving, this sequel about the second part of Theodora’s life as empress of Byzantium opens with intrigue as one of Justinian’s old enemies, Cappodocian John, is revealed as a threat to the throne. Theodora’s unremitting feeling of guilt for a massacre she did not foresee, motivates her faith and many of her actions. And Justinian’s strange reference to the triple-headed serpent also lingers in her mind, casting a shadow… But Theodora once again emerges as a woman of strength and courage, who commands the love and dedication of two powerful men.

Praise for The Colour of Power: “Heese ... has captured the mood of an era, the soul of a woman and the ethos of a world.” – Shirley de Kock Gueller in the Cape Times.

“Her ability to transport her readers back to Constantinople in AD 505 and have them walk in Theodora’s shoes is magical ...  You’ll learn more from this novel about the ways of the world and woman’s struggle to be an equal than in most feminist manifestos.” – Natalie Bosman in the Citizen.

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A Triple-headed Serpent (ePub) | Historical & Mythological Fiction

Author: Marié Heese
Category: Historical & Mythological Fiction
ISBN: 9780798158909
Date Released: 12 May 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 325.00
Format: ePub, 360pp

About this author

Marié Heese

Marié Heese was born in Cape Town on September 27, 1942. She went to school in Cape Town and studied English and political philosophy at the University of...