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Agter die skerms: my donker reis na die lig (ePub) | Autobiography

Christo Gerlach


Well-known Afrikaans actor and TV producer Christo Gerlach puts it all on the line in his memoir – from his childhood days in the Free State to his career on stage and television and his burgeoning career as reality-TV producer.

He doesn’t shy away from his battles with sex (his three long-term relationships all fell apart), drugs (cocaine and Stilnox) and his need for self-acceptance.

Throughout, he tells of his own – and of others’ – highs and lows in the South African entertainment industry. An honest and brutal memoir from an industry that likes to paint itself as clean. 

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Agter die skerms: my donker reis na die lig (ePub) | Autobiography

Author: Christo Gerlach
Category: Autobiography
ISBN: 9780624058076
Date Released: 30 March 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 255.00
Format: ePub, 176pp

About this author

Christo Gerlach

Christo Gerlach was a well-known Afrikaans actor, producer and director. He began his career on the stage in the Free State, but soon appeared on stage around...