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About this book

Agency Blue (ePub) | Young Adult Fiction

Alex Smith , Pierre Smit (illustr.)


Silver winner (English category): Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2009

An illustrated youth novel, a cross-over between a graphic novel and a full text teen fiction work.

Little Jo is born in miraculous circumstances. He is an orphan but has a devoted older brother who recognises his talents for drawing. Little Jo excels at art and becomes a drawer of comic books. In a story that moves between the creator and the created, the story is told of Kitty and her gang of hip young friends who must solve the riddle of Kitty’s father’s death. This takes them on some wild adventures as they solve a series of riddles in order to find out the truth.

The story is a cross-over between an adventure story and a graphic novel, and this will be evident on the pages of the published edition, which will contain illustrations interspersed with the chapters of the novel in full. The writing has a wry, understated sense of humour and rich, sensory descriptions of Cape Town.

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Agency Blue (ePub) | Young Adult Fiction

Author: Alex Smith , Pierre Smit (illustr.)
Category: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780624058274
Date Released: 21 October 2010
Price (incl. VAT): R 195.00
Format: ePub, 176pp

About this author

Alex Smith , Pierre Smit (illustr.)

Alex Smith was a prizewinner in the Tafelberg-Sanlam Youth Literature competition 2010 for her youth novel Agency Blue. Born in Cape Town, Alex Smith has...